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 A thermoelectric power generating module is a miniature power generator producing DC power. The principle behind this is a phenomenon called the "Seebeck Effect" discovered by Thomas Johann Seebeck. He discovered that when a temperature difference was applied to the two junctions of the Peltier circuit, a direct current voltage was generated in the circuit. Therefore, any cooling/heating modules can become also power generating modules. Since both Peltier and Seebeck Effects are irreversible phenomena, however, electric power generating as a result of the temperature difference is much smaller than the power input to obtain the same temperature difference.

Currently, HTRD supplies PGMs with Tmax (maximum PGM temperature ) = 220 C for continuous operations and Tmax=250 C for intermittent operations; all HTRD PGMs can be used for applications where flowing hot air temperature of 300 C ~ 600 C.  All PGMs are graphite covered on the ceramic plates.

Some of the PGMs and their performance curves are shown below: